Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are the Golden Globes Real or A SHAM????

The Associated Press is reporting that the former publicist to the Golden Globe Awards Michael Russell and his partner have filed a lawsuit against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association claiming it engages in payola schemes for nominations and awards. If this is true then this is another major blow to the credibility of the Golden Globes and the management of the awards and its President Philip Berk. The show fired their publicists Michael Russell and Stephen Locascio last year after the show. They claim they were only dismissed after they brought a number of unethical or improper activity concerns to the management of the Golden Globes. The new and current public relations firm run by Ken Sunshine are quoted as saying there is no merit to these claims. So is this a lawsuit based upon spite by former fired consultants or is the truth coming out after this publicist firing?

The Federal Communications Commission questioned the authenticity of the voting process in the late 60's, and the show was in fact off the air for several years. The FCC cited the network airing it for careless oversight in failing to verify the credentials of the voters and the secrecy of the results.
As reported by AP "Russell's lawsuit notes another controversy that cast the Globes into relative obscurity for more than a decade.
In the early 1980s, the awards show lost its broadcast deal with CBS after its members were accused of receiving favors in exchange for giving actress Pia Zadora a newcomer award."

Is this another blow to the Golden Globes and their credibility or do people really even care about honesty regarding film awards shows anymore? In many respects these shows have become more of a Red Carpet and media extravaganza for people to watch their fave Hollywood Stars and their glitzy fashion statements. No question this is an interesting Hollywood and Foreign Press story and undoubtedly there will be more to come. Or will the Golden Globes pay to make sure this goes away a little more quietly? I am sure the lawyer for the publicist hopes so. We hope this story plays itself out so that the facts (whatever they are) come out and we learn a little more about the under belly of the Golden Globes and how these awards shows work. One thing is for sure: The Golden Globes will sure think twice before they ever fire their current famous publicist Ken Sunshine. Sphere: Related Content

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