Sunday, September 26, 2010

Katy Perry and Elmo: Check it on Celebrity Wire

Don't children breast feed?

Seriously Katy Perry did this nice song and skit with Elmo and a bunch of people went absolutely nuts. Talk about making a big deal out of nothing! It was meant to be innocent and it was certainly not meant to be sexy; especially to small children. But that is the beauty about a democracy: If you don't like something object and get upset. It's you're right! What advertisers and television execs hate most is bad publicity that effects their potential audience and advertising base. So they capitulated quickly on this one and as usual it is all about the dollars. In any event don't blame Katy Perry. We are on television sets all the time at CW and let me tell you there are directors and producers and writers and cameramen and more and more. Katy is the talent and if someone on the managing production level did not like this or thought it could be a problem then they could have and should have quickly changed it. So don't blame sweet and innocent Katy :))) on this one. We think she is good with Elmo and Elmo obviously likes her too. So we look forward to seeing more of Katy on Sesame Street. Elmo doesn't breast feed anymore, does he? Sphere: Related Content


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