Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jason Davis "Gummi Bear" Enters Rehab

We want to wish our good friend and cast member of one of our shows Jason Davis a speedy recovery and healthy life and clean living! As reported Jason Davis entered rehab on Wednesday for a reported drug problem. He was assisted by his brother Alex and by Tom Arnold in an intervention. Jason's mother Nancy Davis released this statement to "My son Alexander and Tom Arnold went to help my son Jason, who is an addict, to help save his life." We certainly hope that Jason will get full support from his family in this effort to feel better. Jason has suffered from painful illnesses in the past few years that unfortunately lead to this problem. Jason Davis is a funny and kind and bright young man with a good future without drugs and we hope that will be how his 2010 turns out. Tom Arnold deserves kudos for his caring and friendship in this situation.

Our prayers and best wishes are with you Jase!

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