Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods Story Ends: Enough Is Enough!

Celebrity Wire likes following or breaking an interesting story as much as any celebrity news service. The Tiger Woods accident ordeal certainly on its face seems to be an interesting story with probably a lot more intrigue than it deserves. Then on second thought.... This was an accident literally at a persons private residence which did not end up going farther than that. Let's ask: Shouldn't a celebrity have some privacy in their own home? But then where does that story end and a myriad of phony opportunistic stories begin. And they are beginning.... and beginning and beginning... I love the blogoshpere and the power of the web. But power should be used properly and with some caution when we are dealing with the lives of real people. You don't have to like Tiger Woods or his wife Elin or their innocent and nice children. But they are real people with real feelings that transcends money and fame! Now Celebrity Wire wants to call it out (even after joking about the real traffic story ourselves) that this is becoming a witch hunt and it is bullshit and irresponsible and disgusting!!!!! We have a responsibility as journalists to check our stories and to really verify our sources before WE VERIFY and put our name on a story. It is not enough to just get hits for our google ads or our sponsors. It is a responsibility to tell the truth to ourselves and to our faith. Otherwise where does it end and where do we ever draw the line? Tiger Woods may have had twenty affairs and he may have had (and more likely) closer to none. This is nothing but a circus now and it is just ugly. Why have we degraded ourselves as a people or as press to think that the best thing we can financially do is to try to destroy a life or a marriage or a family or a successful career of a celebrity or wealthy person for our own corporate attention. My parents used to simply call it jealousy, and I guess that is still what it is. It is a joy of bringing someone on a higher level than you are down to your level. It stinks and it sucks and it is a moral depravity of our system these days. It won't stop and nothing I write on this subject will likely matter much. I just hope we give some pause to our fellow celebrity sites just for a minute on this one. Take a minute and take a breath before you put it into print and try to make it all real whether it is or not. This was an accident story with some interesting twists that were very questionable and probably still is. But this was not an invitation for all of us to go out and ruin the life of someone that has been an asset to sports and society for many years. I did not ever get that invitation: so I refuse it. Celebrity Wire is done with this kind of story when it goes to that level. Tiger got a ticket for $160.00 he paid it and good luck to you and your family. We are out of this one!!!! Celebrity Wire does not hire or employ witch hunters and we hope our respected partners and blogroll partners think the same way.

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Hitty said...

Truely impressed by your statement. Thank you so much for expressing what all you did, and having the Integrity to draw a line that just Does need to be drawn.