Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maybe Enough was Not Enough for Tiger Woods!

If you read our last blog we said "Tiger Woods may have had twenty affairs and he may have had (and more likely) closer to none" and that the whole Tiger story was getting too nasty and becoming a witch hunt. Well, we weren't technically wrong:) But just like Tiger Woods needs to do, we have to admit when we make a mistake. While we do not endorse piling on individuals for their personal issues this story has become more than just a witch hunt. It is a disaster for the PGA and the whole golf industry and it now will effect the livelihood of many, many people and the income of innocent hard working families that didn't have spouses with 13 affairs. Celebrity Wire also now wonders why it should support and speak out for Tiger Woods when he seems unwilling to do so for himself. At this point when you are having such a major effect on so many people and their economic lives it seems like total cowardice and wrong to go hide in your mansions and your yachts, as opposing to appear in person and just "Man UP'! So Tiger Woods it is now time for you to open your mouth and show your face and act like a responsible adult, instead of a sulking spoiled overpaid child. Do it for your family! Do it for your self respect! Do it for other Stanford Alumnni that you are now embarrassing! Nobody normal wants to see you or your beautiful wife Elin hurt of the game or golf tarnished any further, so now it is time to do the right thing and stop others from speaking for you by opening your own mouth!

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