Saturday, November 28, 2009

Was Tiger Woods going to 7-11 for Golf Balls in the Middle of The Night?

Was Tiger Woods going to 7-11 for golf balls in the middle of night since his wife already had the clubs out? What was going on in Windemere in Orange County, Florida over the holiday weekend at the superstars home. Here is what we know and has been widely reported. Tiger Woods left his house in a rush at approximately 2:20 in the morning. We know he was in a rush because when people back out of their driveway while leaving home they don't usually hit a fire hydrant and a tree in the process. Then what we know is that Tigers wife Elin Nordegren came running out of the house with a golf club and supposedly smashed a window with it to save him because the car was locked. Now I know this is a famous golfing family but.... If you heard your husband or wife have an accident in front of your home would you run outside or would you first go get a golf club and run outside. Would you grab a key to the car or would you smash the window next to your already potentially injured spouse with a golf club? Then we know that the police department said no alcohol or drugs were involved. We also know from the Orange Police Department that no breathalizer or any such tests were taken on scene or apparently at all as they were only interested in tending to his injuries. It must be noted those included facial lacerations and that he was only semi conscious. However there was no determination when any of these injuries actually occurred. But what we know most is that the richest man in sports with a group of the worlds best press agents and handlers has been unusually silent with no good explanation over this whole event. Of course Tiger Woods is and always will be the greatest golfer of all time. He is also the Oprah Winfrey of the sports world and is an undisputed icon. But one of his greatest appeals in the ad world has always been his perfect (I am above it all) personality and reputation. He was never supposed to be the guy crashing on a front lawn in the middle of the night with his wife chasing outside with a golf club. It is just not the Tiger Woods perfect persona. Could it be the guy is possibly normal? Could he actually drink or maybe have a blowout with his wife. Our Friends at TMZ are reporting that Tiger Woods wife caused the injuries on his face. We cannot confirm that at Celebrity Wire as of yet but it is certainly possible. Nobody is talking at all so far on this one. My advise to Tiger and his press agents: come up with something good soon because people have very good imaginations. I know I have one and mine says you were just going to 7-11 for golf balls and you accidentally turned the wrong way. In any event we wish you and your family well and hope you have a speedy recovery. And BTW, it's OK to be normal as the rest of us already are! Sphere: Related Content