Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama Inauguration: A Remarkable day!

As most Americans I watched in awe and silence the inauguration of the the first African American President, Barack Obama. What a remarkable day this is for our country and all the citizens of the world. How far we have come as a nation and how far we have come as a people. We can only hope and pray that this will be a turning point for our country to move forward again. We can only hope and pray that this is a turning point for peace and prosperity. Most of all we can only hope that this is now the beginning of hope again.

With the exuberance of the moment I am struck by one continuing concern regarding the hope brought by a single man. We cannot operate on the hope and the promise and the ability of one person. We can only operate as a people and as a nation and through the lead and example of thousands of people that lead us on so many levels everyday. These are the public servants! The many people that set aside their personal needs and goals to think of our needs and dreams and those folks span the country and the globe and they are so much bigger than any one person. They embrace the commonality of God and the wishes from above and they cannot be measured by a speech or a celebrity or a song. Therefore let us not forget that whatever greatness that President Barack Obama has or will achieve that he is in fact another one of Gods children (like you and me) and he is most of all a public servant.

Celebrities are in our movies and television shows, sports and music and apparently now in politics. But we create a great danger for all of us when we make our President and our number one public servant our number one celebrity. We diminish the needs of people that count on our government to function properly when we "celebretize" our leaders in such a fashion that we forget who they really are. Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He is your president and he is my President and he is an employee of the people. He may be a celebrity but he is not a celebrity. Let's give Barack Obama all the respect he deserves and has earned as our 44th President of the United States, but let's not make him our commander and chief celebrity. He has enough to do and to live up to and a legacy that will outlast any single event.

Our job is to cover celebrities. That is what we do at Celebrity Wire. We cover Celebrity News and Entertainment. We will cover Barack Obama and we realize that today he is the worlds biggest celebrity. But we hope that tomorrow he will become less of a celebrity and more our needed President. That Barack Obama will from this point be more our nations leader and less our entertainment.

Today we celebrate a momentous occasion and tomorrow we go back to a nation of many issues. Today and everyday at Celebrity Wire we will enjoy Celebrity. We hope that for every ones sake that President Barack Obama's future celebrity will be that of peace and prosperity and love.

God Bless You,

The Celebrity Wire CEO and
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Well lets do hope that Obama will do all his best in order for America to recover from economic downfall.