Monday, January 5, 2009

Bravo TV is a great place to watch; not to buy

I like the shows on Bravo TV and I think overall it is a pretty cool network. The shows on Bravo are somewhat innovative and they have a unique sense of marketing savvy. In fact someone very near and dear to me likes "Top Chef" a lot. For the holidays I decided to buy her some kitchen equipment and top it off with a full chefs coat from the show; Top Chef. I went to and gladly paid the $79.95 price for a monogrammed "Top Chef" kitchen jacket. I ordered it for two day delivery and two days came and went and it never came. Christmas and the holidays came and went and the Bravo TV order never came. In fact it took 18 e-mails from us before we even received a canned response. The bottom line is we never received the
Top Chef
order and we also were charged and have not received a refund yet after another series of unanswered e-mails. So my personal opinion is to watch Bravo TV but I would not order at the Bravo TV online store!

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