Sunday, September 9, 2007

YouTube is such a great place BUT....

Wouldn't YouTube be even better if so many users were not stealing other peoples content and music and identities. I always enjoy looking at innovative videos made by budding film makers. I enjoy the sexy and the funny and unusual, but what I really hate are thieves. There is a tremendous cost and time and sweat to create new content. Believe me I know; as we do it everyday! But there are always people that just don't care about the copyrighted content of others. Youtube was founded on this great concept and notion of personal innovation and community; not on copyright theft. It's still a great place but I wonder if it is now out of control??? Some videos are mild and flagged or summarily removed and others are hard core and keep going. It's a strange place and I haven't figured it out myself as of yet. I will say that if you want to see some really great videos that are innovative then visit "Current TV", a site founded by Al Gore. It's an amazing journey to see all the talented young film gurus on that site. But the communication and forum on all these types of sites is really good for everyone in an open society and democracy. That's my thought for the day and I am always interested in yours? Peace Out and Love from Celebrity Wire Sphere: Related Content

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