Friday, August 17, 2007

Who let Vick out: Who Who?

Here's an interesting scenerio: I am going to give you 130 million dollars, fame, total celebrity and treatment and a wonderful life. What are you going to do for me and your gifts from God and society in return? How about executing a few innocent animals; that's a good idea? What could Michael Vick be thinking or do I even want to know what he thinks or why he thinks the way he does? Maybe I am just better off not knowing or seeing this person ever again and maybe that's exactly what the NFL should do; banish him for life! What is it about some people that is so self destructive that they would do atrocious and horrible things we continue to see in the news everyday. At Celebrity Wire we know a lot of very talented, kind generous and of course egotistical celebrities. But most of them have a good sense of their life and the gifts they have been given and the meaning of it all. Not Michael Vick! Michael Vick showed through animals what an animal he can be. It's far more than destructive or embarrassing or silly; it is cruel in the worst way. In fact it is fair to call Michael Vick an animal Nazi. He is a horror to his profession and the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL and he is very likely to go to jail for less time than he deserves. Now the question is that once he does his time and people forget for awhile will he be able to get back into the NFL like Mike Tyson did with boxing. Well I hope not and I have heard a lot of people echoing that sentiment lately. It's a joke when people mention this is a racial issue. It really does not matter if Michael Vick is black, white, green, red or purple. It does not matter what his religion is or who his friends are. This is just not a racial or personal issue at all. It sure doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't care if he was my cousin; I would still have the same shameful opinion. People keep saying "I wish I could understand what he was thinking" I say it is better not to ask that question because if you could understand what Michael Vick was thinking then there is probably something wrong with you. I hope Michael Vick changes his lifestyle. I hope Michael Vick repents for what he has done and all the lives he has hurt or killed. I also hope I never see this guy on a football field again or at a celebrity function or anywhere but the back page of some forgotten news. He is not fit to be called a celebrity ever again. Do you think maybe I have a strong opinion about this one? :) What do you think????? Sphere: Related Content

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